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When Did Escape Rooms Open?

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While it may seem that escape rooms have always been there just around the corner, the truth is that they are pretty recent.

The original concept of the Escape Room All in, comes from a video game with the same name. In this game, players had to solve mysteries and adventures by interacting with characters around them so they could escape from the room and move onto the next level.


When Did Escape Rooms Start?

The first Escape Game video game was created in 2004 by Toshimitsu Takagi and it was called Crimson Room. Just 3 years later, the company SCRAP decided to transform the entire concept and make it into a Live Escape Room. The founder, Takao Kato, and a manga fan wanted players to be immersed in the game. So, players would be able to play physically in a themed room and solve all the mysteries needed to breakout within the given time.


After this, escape games started to pop up in the rest of Asia before arriving in Europe. In China, the ‘Beijing Takagism’ club was founded back in 2012.


When it was time for the trend to come to Europe, it entered directly in Budapest, in Hungary. This happened in 2011 but Attila Gyurkovics had no idea that escape rooms were already well developed in Asia. 2013 was a great year for escape rooms since it was when they arrived in the United States, in the United Kingdom, in France, and even in Canada.


But the success doesn’t end here. The truth is that from these dates and up to the present, more and more escape rooms are opening and they are all being a huge success. People just want to try them out for the challenge.


Escape Rooms Are All Different


The reality is that it is highly unlikely for you to find two similar escape rooms. Besides, it is worthy of pointing out that there are many differences between Asian and Western escape room. And this has a lot to do with the culture of the people.


While in Asia, for example, competition is a key factor, in Western countries, on the other hand, customers tend to be more focused on getting an immersive experience. The more real, the more vivid, the better.


Bottom Line

As you can see, escape rooms are relatively new. After all, they don’t even have a decade here in the United States. Nevertheless, we keep seeing more and more escape rooms with different options, more interactions, new challenges, only to grab your attention and make you love this game. Mobile Escape Rooms are growing in popularity. You can typically find them at trade shows or fairs.


In case you haven’t tried an escape room yet, then it’s about time to go into the adventure and become a hero of your own story.



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