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School of Magic

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🔮 Welcome to The School of Magic Auditions! You have been cordially invited to embark on a thrilling journey to earn your place at our prestigious university. Here, admission is not granted solely based on your magical abilities but rather through a series of rigorous trials that will push your limits. Brace yourself, for this path is not meant for the faint of heart.

🎭 Join the ultimate magical audition experience! 🏰 Earn your place at The School of Magic! 🔥 Unleash your magical aptitude and teamwork skills!

During your auditions, you will face a variety of challenges designed to test your magical prowess and your ability to work harmoniously with others. Expect to encounter tasks involving charms, potions, divination, levitation, runes, and more. Your journey will mirror an enchanting escape room experience, where aspiring magicians will be distinguished from ordinary “muggles,” and houses will be determined.

⚡️ Showcase your skills in charms, potions, and divination! 🕊️ Harness the power of levitation and master the art of runes! 🧙‍♂️ Unite with fellow magicians to overcome challenges! 🏰 Find your destined house within The School of Wizards!

The School of Magic Auditions promise an immersive and unforgettable adventure. Through teamwork, quick thinking, and the application of your magical abilities, you will have the chance to prove your worth and demonstrate your potential for greatness.

🔐 Unlock the secrets of the escape room and impress the judges! 👥 Forge strong alliances and collaborate with fellow auditionees! 🧩 Solve intricate puzzles to unveil hidden magical knowledge! 🎓 Step into your destined house and embrace your magical future!

Best of luck on this extraordinary journey. May your magical aptitude shine, and may your ability to work together unlock the door to your dreams. The School of Magic awaits your arrival, ready to witness the emergence of true wizards and witches.

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