Scariest and Non-Scary Escape Rooms

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Scariest Escape Rooms in Maryland

No doubt that scary amusement things to do around fall is a must! Here are some escape rooms that are considered to be on the scarier side:

  1. The Basement – This escape room puts you in a dimly lit basement where you are tasked with escaping a serial killer. The immersive experience and realistic sets can make it an intense and frightening experience.
  2. The Experiment – This escape room takes place in a laboratory where you have been kidnapped for a twisted experiment. The creepy atmosphere and unsettling props can make it a nerve-wracking experience.
  3. The Asylum – This escape room takes place in an abandoned asylum where you must escape from the clutches of a deranged doctor. The eerie setting and suspenseful soundtrack can create a spooky atmosphere.
  4. The Cabin – This escape room is set in a dark and isolated cabin in the woods. You must solve puzzles and escape before the cabin’s owner returns, and the unnerving setting can make it a tense experience.
  5. The Catacombs – This escape room takes place in the underground tunnels of a medieval catacomb. The dimly lit corridors and macabre decor can make it a haunting experience.

Although some of these rooms may already be retired, it’s important to note that some people may find these escape rooms too scary and may not enjoy the experience. If you are looking for an escape room that is not super scary,

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EscapeTime might be a better choice for you.