Park Manor Escape Room

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Park Manor

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The notorious Severna Crew seeks your expertise for a critical task. Their reign of crime and bloodshed is on the brink of collapse, as Detective Al Ritchie has amassed substantial evidence to ensure their lifelong imprisonment. To safeguard their freedom, they require you to infiltrate the detective’s residence, famously known as Park Manor, locate the incriminating evidence, and obliterate it completely.

You’re the criminal – Employed by the infamous Severna Crew!

Infiltrate Detective Al Ritchie’s Park Manor! Find and eliminate the evidence against the gang!

As you prepare for this high-stakes endeavor, here’s a guide to aid your mission:

1. Gather intelligence: Acquire detailed information about Park Manor, including its layout, security systems, and any potential hurdles that may impede your progress.

2. Plan meticulously: Devise a comprehensive strategy, outlining the entry and exit points, potential obstacles, and ways to neutralize or bypass security measures.

3. Maintain stealth: Utilize your expertise in covert operations to move silently and remain undetected throughout the mission. Avoid triggering alarms or attracting attention.

4. Search discreetly: Thoroughly scour Park Manor for any hidden compartments, safes, or files that may contain the damning evidence against the Severna Crew.

5. Eliminate all evidence: Utilize suitable methods to destroy any physical evidence, such as burning or shredding documents, or disabling electronic files, ensuring no trace remains.

6. Stay one step ahead: Remain vigilant for unexpected challenges or the presence of security personnel. Adapt your approach accordingly to minimize the risk of detection.

7. Retreat covertly: Safely exit Park Manor without arousing suspicion or leaving any evidence of your intrusion, ensuring your own escape and preserving the anonymity of the Severna Crew.

Severna park escape rooms

Gather intel on Park Manor’s layout and security!

Devise a meticulous plan for infiltration and destruction!
 Move silently, evading detection at all costs!
 Search for and eliminate any incriminating evidence!
Exit Park Manor discreetly, leaving no trace behind!

Remember, the Severna Crew’s freedom hinges on your success. Execute your task with precision and cunning, taking utmost care to complete the mission undetected. The future of the crew rests in your capable hands.

Your skills are their only hope for survival!
Obliterate the evidence and secure their freedom!

 Darkness shall be your ally as you penetrate Park Manor!

Ensure Detective Al Ritchie’s case crumbles to dust!

Good luck, and may your skills and resourcefulness prove unmatched as you navigate the treacherous path that lies ahead. The Severna Crew relies on your unwavering determination to secure their liberty.

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