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A Stone Above The Rest is an interactive, offsite mobile escape room in Maryland; perfect for entertaining and challenging your team.

Similar to a traditional escape room, your team will need to work together as a group to solve unique and challenging puzzles, discover clues, and escape before time runs out! The perfect mobile escape room adventure for Corporate Event Team Building, Birthday Party, Student and Camp Groups, Holiday Celebrations, Special Announcements, Tourism, Fraternity and Sorority Events.

***Imagine the excitement when our trailer pulls up to your special event!***

Bringing all your guests to some arbitrary location isn’t necessary; we take the experience to the next level by bringing it to you anywhere in Maryland or beyond. Our escape room is set inside a state of the art, climate-controlled 16ft adventure trailer.

Why Reserve a Mobile Escape Room?


If you are looking for a unique and exciting  way to have your employees work together or just entertaining your co-workers, our EscapeTime Mobile Escape Room is here for you. We will work with your team to accomplish everyday work challenges, develop communication skills and show you how to recognize leadership ability.


Our EscapeTime Mobile Escape Room is perfect for ages 5-100. Our game master will ensure the most unique and memorable birthday you have ever experienced; And we bring it to your door!


Promotes Teamwork and Fun! Children learn how to focus and use critical thinking and problem solving skills. Sports Teams will develop necessary skills to work together, communicate and get to know each other in a different environment. For Girl and Boy Scouts, this is a great way to develop team bonding and learn more about leadership.

Mobile Escape Rooms FAQ

How much space is required?

The Mobile Escape Room is built on a 16 ft trailer, allowing 4-6 players at a time. We would need a minimum equivalent to a parking spot. We can help arrange this.

Can it be set up indoors or outdoors?

As a mobile trailer, we are set-up outdoors, unless you have an extra large garage or warehouse. Your parking lot, your driveway, your backyard, anywhere that our mobile trailer can drive up on without damaging landscape, interrupting traffic flow, or neighboring properties.

Do we need to provide an electrical hook up for the Mobile Escape Room?

Yes, we require one 110 v / 20 a circuit (standard Residential power) or we can bring a generator (no extra fee).

How long is the game?

Our most popular game length is a 10-15 minute adventure but, don’t be fooled, it’s not easy.

How many people can participate?

Our Mobile Escape Room can accept groups of various sizes, we recommend 4 to 6 at a time per group. However, booking multiple hours is an option.

Is it scary?

No, we promise to keep you entertained in a fun, safe environment.

Are children permitted?

Our room is challenging and recommended for players 5+ years of age and up. We can modify the game to make it less challenging for younger groups or more difficult for those looking for an adrenillene-filled adventure as the clock ticks away. Perfect for Birthday parties, gatherings, family reunions, events, and more.

Are cell phones allowed?

Cell phone use in the escape rooms will not be needed to solve clues, and please no photographs in the room. We’ll ask you to leave them outside the room.

How many can play?

Game time: 10 minutes per player rotation

Players : 2 – 6 players; estimated rotation of 20-30 players per hour

Footprint: 8.5 X 16 feet

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Fast-Paced Entertainment

The Escape Room adventure that travels to you!

*Pricing includes 25 miles radius from Annapolis.