How to plan a kids party at an Escape Room

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The Escape Room For Kids and All Ages

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How to plan a kid’s birthday party at Escape room 

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EscapeTime Maryland Edition

Throwing a birthday party is forever fun, but throwing one at an escape room takes the fun to a fresh level. Not many people know about this option yet. Still, it is something that you should consider if you want to provide your guests an unforgettable experience.

What is an escape room birthday party in Maryland?

An escape room birthday party is when you rent out an escape room area and have your guests work together to solve clues and puzzles to “escape” the room. It is an interactive and fun way to celebrate someone’s special day.

Tips for hosting an escape room birthday party

If you are thinking of giving this party option a try, here are a few simple tips to help you make it a success:

Pick a theme that works with every person

Whether you are the guest of honor or just one of many birthday party attendees, consider starting with a theme that every person can enjoy. For example, if it is your birthday and you love action films, consider visiting an “adventure/mystery” themed escape room party.

Check availability and book ahead of time

Escape rooms near me can be famous for birthday parties and group events, so ensure you book your spot well in advance. Since many escape games have restricted space, confirming availability is vital as early as possible.

Plan activities outside of the escape room

Escape rooms can be quite intense, so have some other activities planned for after the game. Whether birthday party games or ordering pizza or things to do around our Maryland locations,  your guests will appreciate a chance to unwind and relax after the amazing escape room adventures.
Ensure every person is on the same page
Before starting the escape room game, it is vital to make sure that every person knows about any guidelines or rules regarding the game to make sure that the party goes perfectly without any confusion.
Give the participants a little intro
If your guests have never experienced an escape room before, giving them a little intro on the idea and how to play diving in is the best idea.

Why escape room birthdays parties are the best Affordable

Escape room birthday parties are affordable! Whether you are throwing an escape room birthday party for children or planning a surprise party for adults, it is very affordable.
The costs linked with throwing a birthday party escalate immediately when including the price of sporting events, group dinners, or live shows. So, it is hardly shocking that an average birthday party costs upwards of many 1000 dollars.

A special experience

Do you plan on doing something special on your birthday? An escape room evening is the best choice. Escape games are the best way to spend time productively with friends. They are challenging, fun, and can keep the full group busy for hours.
Escape rooms are quite young, meaning most of your guests will not have played them yet. Hence, if you are looking for a special way to celebrate your birthday, it does not get any better.

Have fun in tandem

Birthdays are enjoyed with people you always like. And there is no better way to have fun with a group than playing an escape game. Escape rooms are designed to be a game of team and cannot be solved alone. Hence, get your friends together for sixty minutes of interrupted thrill.

Most escape rooms permit 5 and 8 people at a time. So, invite your closest friends for an amazing experience. Escape rooms generally cater to little groups. Hence, if you plan on inviting more people, make a group booking.

Make memories

Escape room birthday parties are a best experience. By inviting your friends over for a special celebration, you are creating memories for a lifetime. You and your group must trust, communicate, and appreciate one another’s qualities throughout the journey. And this helps make lasting memories combine.
The joy of sharing little victories with friends is remarkable. And it is insignificant whether you lose or win. At the end of the day, having fun with a group of friends is what matters.

Focus on teamwork

While there is no lack of fun birthday party ideas, most of them don’t contain teamwork. Escape room birthday parties promote teamwork by bringing guests together to achieve a general goal.
Escape rooms teach a precious lesson about working together under pressure. And once you survive, it is time to celebrate and believe in your success. You can take group photographs at the end of a session to honor the experience.
Checklist for your escape room birthday or holiday party

Before the party

  • Pick a remarkable escape room theme that every person will enjoy.
  • Determine how many people can play at once. Think about age, size, and disabilities when making this decision.
  • Prepare an invitation ahead of time.
  • Arrange for drinks and food to be accessible offsite before the escape room party starts and for the after-party.
  • Find a relaxed location that has lots of space for movement. The escape room should not be too dark or intense, considering the ages involved.

After the party

  • Once every person is out, permit players to share experiences and stories with one another.
  • Give players time to mingle and relax before starting the birthday after-party.
  • Ensure the prizes are ready for those who made it out of the escape room the quickest.
  • Escape rooms are best party games that attract group cooperation and communication. If done rightly, they can be engaging and fun for all involved.