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Maryland Escape Room Prices

How Much Does An Escape Room Cost?

Looking for Escape Room Ticket Prices? Escape Rooms vary in price. We are a 60-minute escape room in Maryland with 11 rooms and 3 physical locations throughout Maryland and a mobile escape room that comes to you. Most escape rooms are priced between $29-$39 per player based on the day of the week and the game in question. EscapeTime discounts ticket prices based on the size of the group. This eliminate the need of promo codes, however, follow us on social media for holiday deals.

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If pricing is important to you, you’ll want to bring your friends and family to EscapeTime because we offer one of the lowest prices in Maryland with 5 star reviews! Simply put, escape room prices at EscapeTime offers the best value per dollar based on quality, anywhere in Maryland.

EscapeTime offers private escape rooms in-store at our physical Epic Escape Room locations 

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Escape Room Prices


GHOST SHIP EASTON LOCATION ONLY Difficulty Level: Intermediate  (Dark Lit Room) Welcome to the year 1703, a time of daring...
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School of Magic | Easton

School of Magic EASTON LOCATION ONLY Difficulty Level: Intermediate You are cordially invited to audition for The School of Magic. ...
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AREA 51 Resurrection | Easton

AREA 51 Resurrection EASTON LOCATION ONLY Difficulty Level: Beginner  (Dark Lit Room) Summary: Your group has infiltrated “Area 51,” the top...
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GHOST SHIP | Severna Park

GHOST SHIP SEVERNA PARK LOCATION ONLY Difficulty Level: Intermediate  (Dark Lit Room) Welcome to the year 1703, a time of daring...
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THIEVES | Severna Park

THIEVES SEVERNA PARK LOCATION ONLY Difficulty Level: Intermediate The Thieves guild wants YOU! Your first assignment? Steal the Banished Prince’s prized possession,...
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Park Manor | Severna Park

PARK MANOR SEVERNA PARK LOCATION ONLY Difficulty Level: Intermediate You have been hired by the infamous gang known as the Severna Crew. Their...
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THE QUEST | Annapolis

THE QUEST ANNAPOLIS LOCATION ONLY  Difficulty Level: Beginner Unleash the Hero Within: Liberate the Kingdom of Calaren! For 500 years,...
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Gift Certificates

Instant E-Gift Cards Looking for the perfect gift that creates lasting memories and excitement? Look no further!  The Best...
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1 to 2 in-store participants

If you are a group of 2 players, it's $39 plus tax per person

3 to 4 in-store participants

If you are a team of up to 4 players, it's $32 plus tax per person

5 to 10 in-store participants

If you are a team of up to 5 players but less than 10, it's $29 plus tax per person. *Room maximum capacity is 10

Mobile Escape Room (Not Available For Per Person Pricing)

The mobile escape room can accommodate up to 30 players per hour. Contact Us For Details. It is not available without a prior reservation.


Not Yet Convinced?

No Two Escape Rooms Are Alike!

Our breakout rooms are competitively-priced according to duration and day of the week. And if you have kids 5+ years of age, we cater our game master clue system to make it an “escapable” room for everyone! Up to 10 Players per room.



EscapeTime Escape Rooms has been voted the #1 Entertainment Experience 2018 – 2023 Best In Maryland. If that isn’t enough, then here’s a few reasons EscapeTime is the best option for you. And if that’s still not enough, well then, give us a call and we’ll discuss the best escape room prices in the city.