EscapeTime Escape Rooms Mission Statement

EscapeTime Escape Rooms | Maryland
EscapeTime Escape Rooms | Maryland

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EscapeTime’s Mission Statement

The mission of EscapeTime, LLC is to develop and sell high-quality services in the category of amusement and team building, inclusive of all ages. Kid friendly rooms will be intergraded into the themes selected. The business will offer an exceptional level of customer service and services tailored to marketing trends and cinematic themes. The business exists to attract and maintain customers by offering high-quality unique escape room experiences traditionally and online.

EscapeTimes Vision

To create the highest quality and unmatched customer escape room experience in Maryland

EscapeTimes Guiding Principles

• Evolve – Continually communicate and interact with customers to help develop and implement new ideas, puzzles, and strategies for achieving continual success.

• Integrity – Make doing the right thing a daily habit so that our customers and staff will enjoy working and partnering with our business.

• Embrace Failure – We like to dream big, and because of it, we’re likely to stumble. We should not let failure consume the business, but should expect and use those opportunities as lessons.

Keys to Success

To succeed in the targeted industry, EscapeTime must:

• Offer a comprehensive line of innovative, top quality rooms/themes.

• Have close relationships with key local decision makers to assist in marketing and

• Do an exceptional job of articulating the value of the service. Position the business in a clear, powerful, and memorable way in the marketplace.

• Have an organization with a unique spirit that makes people eager to join and conduct business with.

Create a visible, accessible, and welcoming brand and experience to position the business as the premier choice for escape gaming and entertainment.

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