Dr. Mad’s Laboratory Escape Room

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To escape Dr. Mad’s Laboratory and retrieve the mind control serum without triggering the bomb, you should:

Dr. Mad Laboratory escape room sign Annapolis escape room1. Analyze your surroundings carefully to identify potential traps or clues left by Dr. Mad.

2. Look for hidden passages or secret compartments that may lead you closer to the serum.

3. Solve puzzles and riddles that Dr. Mad might have set up to challenge your intellect.

4. Stay cautious and avoid any suspicious-looking objects or devices that could be connected to the bomb.

5. Consider seeking help from any trustworthy allies or contacts who may have knowledge about Dr. Mad’s laboratory.

6. Keep track of time and make sure to work efficiently, as the bomb may have a countdown.

7. Use your wits and problem-solving skills to outsmart Dr. Mad’s devious path and safely retrieve the serum.

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 Remember to search for clues!  Stay alert and cautious of potential traps!  Think critically and solve puzzles wisely!  Time is of the essence!  Don’t hesitate to seek help from allies!  Avoid triggering the bomb at all costs!  Use your intelligence to outsmart Dr. Mad’s path!

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