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Did You Know That Escape Rooms are Officially Team Building Activities? Per The IRS

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Team building is crucial! Escape Rooms are proven to offer the most value for your team. The ideal team building activity combines opportunities to learn and grow together as a team with exciting and memorable morale boosting experiences, which provide lasting effects that can be taken back and implemented directly in the workplace. Whether You're A Non-profit, Police Office, Firefighter, Large or Small Business, Teacher, etc. EscapeTime Is Your Solution & Destination!

Employees Are Undoubtedly An Invaluable And Intangible Asset Of Any Organization...Invest In Them In A Fun Way!

"500% Coming Back"

★★★★★"I came here with my company for some team building experience. When we walked in the area was clean and the people were friendly and welcoming. We had to sign a waiver, and then we split into groups so we could compete and were assigned each an Escape Room. It was super fun, competitive and a great team experience. I recommend this location to everyone who wants to do an escape room and would 500% come back to this location. I’m hoping our company can be apart of their beta rooms in the near future :)"


Team Building Discounts

Your team (s) will have a full hour to escape the themed room of your choice as they anxiously race against the clock. We will begin the game simultaneously so they compete. Teams not only have fun during the mind-racing game — it seems like there’s a rush of dopamine every time they unlock a puzzle or trigger a prop—but also afterwards when they can commiserate with their team on their challenges and defeats.  A team photo will be taken and posted on social media, including your company's name.

For teams of 10 people and below

$29 per participate Standard rates apply

For teams of 11-20 people

$25 per participant special rate


For teams of 21+ people

$19 per participant special rate

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Take Care of Your Team & They Will Take Care of You!


We had a work function here and it was a great time. The staff is extra friendly and the rooms were great. Highly recommended you will enjoy it


Sooooooo much FUN, we did a team building here and everyone had fun!!! It also helped that my team had the fast time of ALL TIME!!! Highly recommend checking out!!!


We had an absolute awesome time!! Everyone was super friendly, helpful (when we needed it:), and the clues were very creative. We were in the Hangover Suite this time and escaped! I am looking forward to coming back!!

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RoadMap To Success


An escape room can be daunting. You have only one hour to figure out all of the puzzles, and it can be hard to figure out where to start. If you find yourself struggling to finish escape rooms, here are ten tips and tricks that every escape room pro should know.



Teamwork makes the dream work. You’re typically allowed up to 10 people on your team. The more people you have on your team, the more perspectives and talent you bring into the room with you. Finishing an escape room in time on your own would be near impossible. But a good team will find more clues, finish puzzles easier, and solve the escape room faster.



After you’ve built a great team, assign roles to your team members before entering the room. It’s a good idea to designate one person as a “project manager.” If anyone on the team finds a clue or solves a puzzle, they can tell the project manager and they will call it out to the rest of the team. This helps everyone stay on the same page and communicate more effectively.



When you first enter the room, have everyone on the team except the project manager search for clues or odd items that you think may help solve the room. Check clothing pockets, look under rugs, check under tables, gather any objects that seem out of place or interesting. Be thorough about this, but also be smart. Don’t go tearing apart lighting fixtures or opening outlet covers unless you’re sure that the puzzle is leading you in that direction. Most of the time, clues will follow the theme of the room and will not require you to do anything dangerous or anything that may damage the items in the room.



Good communication is essential to solving an escape room. If team members are finding clues and not telling each other, it will only make it harder to combine those clues to find solutions. Call out any potential clues or report them to your project manager so that everyone is aware of them. If you’re not sure if something is significant, call a team member over to examine it with you.



As you find clues and items, collect them all in the same place. Find an empty table or corner that you can stash all of these items until you have finished sweeping the room. Having everything together will help you see the bigger picture and eliminate any red herrings. Once a clue has been used or a puzzle has been solved, remove it from this pile so that you are not trying to reuse keys or codes that have already served their purpose.



Even though you might be curious about the solution, having seven people gathered around the same puzzle is not an efficient use of your time. Leave the puzzle to two or three people and keep searching for clues to the next puzzle. A lot of teams finish with only five or ten minutes to spare if they finish at all. Every minute matters, so don’t waste them watching other people work.



These rooms are designed for both small & large audiences. For example, if you find a clue in Morse Code, there’s probably a key hidden somewhere to help you decipher it. You shouldn’t need any expert knowledge to solve the clues. 



If you’re stuck on a puzzle, pass it to someone else. Don’t dig your heels in just because you’ve spent a long time on it. There may be an obvious answer that you overlooked that someone else may be able to pick up on quickly. Another useful tip is to work backward from the problem. Rather than trying to find an item or clue first, look at the lock or puzzle and figure out what it needs. If there’s a lock with a 4-digit code, look around specifically for a set of four numbers. 



Don’t be too proud to ask the game master for help if you’re really stuck. Remember you have a time constraint. If you’ve been stuck in the same place for ten minutes, you need to move on or you’re not going to finish.



Make sure you are carefully listening any time the game master provides guidance. They may give you subtle clues about things that groups normally get stuck on. It’s important to pay attention to any information you can get so that you can use every second wisely in the escape room.


Escape rooms can be challenging. But, if you stay focused, organized, and have a good team, you can be successful. Try conquering EscapeTime Escape Rooms in Severna Park, Maryland with a group of friends, family, or coworkers. Remember, your biggest asset is your team.


Good luck!

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*For all companies: 100% deduction of meal costs are permitted in certain situations, such as occasional holiday parties and annual picnics, happy hours and "escape rooms" that employees attend for team building. Key factors: Events must be open to employees generally and cannot be primarily for highly compensated employees or otherwise restricted. [Tax Notes Today] We are not tax professionals. Please consult your tax advisor.

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