Coronavirus Safety Measures- Escape Rooms

hand sanitizer, Coronavirus Safety Measures- Escape Rooms

Maryland COVID-19 Updates

Caring for the EscapeTime Escape Room community

As the coronavirus inches to impact our country, the health and safety of EscapeTime’s community is our priority. With recent news around coronavirus (COVID-19), we know you want to hear how we can all do our part to keep the entertainment industry in Maryland healthy. We want to share the actions we’re taking to help protect participators and spectators — and what you can do to help.

What EscapeTime is doing?

Closely monitoring the situation and taking action. We’re following updates on COVID-19, from local health officials. We’ll continue to take the actions necessary to help protect the community. Specifically, if we are notified of a customer testing positive for COVID-19, they will be temporarily suspended from visiting EscapeTime until they are medically cleared.

Helping with prevention. We’ve always and will continue to stock a sufficient supply of hand sanitizer and other cleaning supplies at both Annapolis & Severna Park locations. We have also ordered the highest grade HEPA Filter to combat any possible illnesses.

1. Individual HEPA-rated filters 99.97% in every room to purify air 2. Clorox wipes to every lock, prop, furniture set, door, and anything that you would be cautious of touching 3. Hand Sanitizers are available 4. Each escape room will be reserved for your parties only

Our Staff. We will address any internal team members quickly should they be diagnosed with COVID-19 or put under individual quarantine by a public health agency.

What you can do? Practice good hygiene.

Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds under warm water frequently. Cover your nose and mouth if you have to sneeze or cough. And use hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol content. Please stay home if you are sick. We will ensure that you will have the opportunity to enjoy EscapeTime at a later date.

If you need to see a doctor, work with a medical professional to discuss transportation options. Per the CDC, if you have been diagnosed with COVID-19 or suspect you may have it, you should avoid all public places.

Stay informed. The CDC and the World Health Organization (WHO) are updating their sites with the latest information. If you have any additional questions, please contact us at EscapeTime. Small actions can make a big difference when everyone helps out — thanks for doing your part as well!

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