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EscapeTime Escape Rooms | Maryland

Team building is crucial! Escape Rooms are proven to offer the most value for your team. The ideal team building activity combines opportunities to learn and grow together as a team with exciting and memorable morale boosting experiences, which provide lasting effects that can be taken back and implemented directly in the workplace. Whether You’re A Non-profit, Police Office, Firefighter, Large or Small Business, Teacher, etc. EscapeTime Escape Rooms Is Your Solution & Destination!
Employees Are Undoubtedly An Invaluable And Intangible Asset Of Any Organization…

Invest In Them In A Fun Way at EscapeTime!

Team Building Options For Team Sizes of 11+

In-Store Escape Experience

Your team (s) will have a full hour to escape the themed room of your choice as they anxiously race against the clock. We will begin the game simultaneously so they compete. Teams not only have fun during the mind-racing game — it seems like there’s a rush of dopamine every time they unlock a puzzle or trigger a prop—but also afterwards when they can commiserate with their team on their challenges and defeats. A team photo will be taken and posted on social media, including your company’s name. If someone is unable to join, buy them a gift card!

Mobile Escape Experience

A Stone Above The Rest is an interactive, offsite mobile escape room trailer perfect for entertaining and challenging your team. You would simply choose a date, time and location on our reservation site to set up at your event. In the meantime, contact us today!

Similar to a traditional escape room, your team will need to work together as a group to solve unique and challenging puzzles, discover clues, and escape before time runs out!

We Specialize in Team Building for Small And Large Groups

EscapeTime Escape Rooms | Maryland
We had a work function here and it was a great time. The staff is extra friendly and the rooms were great. Highly recommended you will enjoy it
EscapeTime Escape Rooms | Maryland
Sooooooo much FUN, we did a team building here and everyone had fun!!! It also helped that my team had the fast time of ALL TIME!!! Highly recommend checking out!!!
EscapeTime Escape Rooms | Maryland
We had an absolute awesome time!! Everyone was super friendly, helpful (when we needed it:), and the clues were very creative. We were in the Hangover Suite this time and escaped! I am looking forward to coming back!!


"We had so much fun! The staff were so personable! I’ve been to many escape rooms and this was by far my favorite. It was clean, nicely decorated, and had fun puzzles/games to play in the waiting area. The actual escape room was a great puzzle but still fun and interactive! I would definitely go back!"
"I came here with my company for some team building experience. When we walked in the area was clean and the people were friendly and welcoming. We had to sign a waiver, and then we split into groups so we could compete and were assigned each an Escape Room. It was super fun, competitive and a great team experience. I recommend this location to everyone who wants to do an escape room and would 500% come back to this location. I’m hoping our company can be apart of their beta rooms in the near future :)"
Great experience. Booked the facility for a company outing was simple and easy. Employees were quick to respond with information leading up to the event. Once there the staff was welcoming and high energy. Would recommend for team building or family fun.
EscapeTime did a great job organizing a challenging, but winnable escape room that kept the whole group engaged and entertained. We had a mix of experienced escape room veterans and newbies who were all able to contribute to solving the room. The host gave clear and concise instructions and was helpful throughout the process.
Great place to enjoy a mystery mission. Great for friends and family. Im sure a great team building exercise for employers to use. If I want to think out of the box.
My sister booked the Dr. Mad's Lab escape room for my birthday and it was so much fun! My parents, sister, brother-in-law and me escaped with only 1:08 left on the clock.
Super friendly staff at EscapeTime! My sister and I are two out-of-towners who always seek out escape rooms in new cities. We were in Annapolis visiting family, who we also wanted to introduce to escape rooms. After a not-so-great experience at another local escape room, we found EscapeTime!
Our family had a great time, and EscapeTime made up for the previous bad escape room visit we had with another company. They are looking forward to doing more. The room was enjoyable, but the staff made it a memorable experience! The clues were well thought out and you could tell the 'clue-giver' was paying attention to what we were and customized the clues for us. It was a challenge to get out even with the clues but that's what makes it fun! I definitely would recommend Escape Time for a fun outing!
Abby Cont.