Will there be others in the room with us?

No, every room is reserved privately for your team.
No problem, just select a date and time with ALL Tickets available and purchase the block of tickets. This will guarantee you the room exclusively. COVID NOTE: All rooms are now private at no extra cost.
You will have 60 Minutes. You will have the option of requesting clues to help you and your team along if you hit a snag.
Excellent question, we offer specials and discounts both online and in-store. Visit our main page www.escapetimemd.com and you may find current specials. You may also find us on facebook @EscapeTimeMD & @EscapeTimeANP. Finally, if a discount cannot be located, please contact us via email to hear whether we have current Escape Room promotions or specials.
The time will run down and you will be able to exit the room. Prior to doing so, one of our team member will enter the room and reveal your remaining steps, if you wish to know them.
We offer a selection of themes. Each allows a different number of players to be in the room. Typically, it can be anywhere between 2-10 people at one time. All rooms are private.
Yes, Our games are appropriate for Ages 6 & up.
At least 1 adult must accompany parties in the room at ages 14 and under.
Waivers must be signed by a person over the age of 18 for minors participating.

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