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We offer a selection of themes. Each allows a different number of players to be in the room. Typically, it can be anywhere between 2-10 people at one time. All rooms are private.

I don't want to be grouped with strangers?

No, every room is reserved privately for your team.
Yes, you may do so when you arrive or prior to arriving by visiting your confirmation email to complete the waiver. Or complete this link below: https://escaperoommaster.com/waivers/sign/0ef70eb5-0e4b-439d-aa35-9158dfd5e997
You will have 60 Minutes on-site. You will have the option of requesting clues to help you and your team along if you hit a snag.
Excellent question, we occasionally offer specials and discounts both online and in-store. Find us on facebook @EscapeTimeMD & @EscapeTimeANP.
The time will run down and you will be able to exit the room. Prior to doing so, one of our team member will enter the room and reveal your remaining steps, if you wish to know them.
Yes, Our games are appropriate for Ages 6 & up.
At least 1 adult must accompany parties in the room at ages 15 and under.
Waivers must be signed by a person over the age of 18 for minors participating.
Prices are based on the number of players in your group. When making your reservations, the prices will automatically adjust and apply discounts the more players you add. Please see our page for more information.
The Mobile Escape Room is reserved on a first come - first served basis. As such, please complete a contact form with your event details and we will provide a quote within 24 hours.
Outside of business hours, email only; During business hours, email or phone/vm. Visit our Contact Us section. Info@EscapeTimeMD.com
We are always looking for talented and creative individuals. Please visit indeed.com and search for open positions at EscapeTime.
YES!!! Simply send us an email to Info@escapetimemd.com and describe your charity or fundraiser to us.

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